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Borneo Folklores


Folklores Cerita Rakyat tells you the literatures and folklores of Borneo for your viewing. The literature and folklores relate to you about the origin ( such as location , place’s name , events , things or objects , cultural practices , etc. ) , soap opera stories , romance , epic stories , stories legends, myths and indigenous tribes of Borneo, brought to the outside world and you . You can contact us for further inquiries and information. Currently, the folklores and the literatures are only available in Malay language.

We collected the materials from various ethnic stories and translated them into Malay language for easy and affordable to anyone interested in literature and folklores. Literatures and folklores from Borneo are rare materials that hardly obtained by any person because of the attitude of the tribes of Borneo that are not easily revealing their culture, including their literatures to the outside world.

If you managed to have any title or the titles of these stories, you are one that can be considered lucky for successfully penetrate deep into the pool of Borneo communities and tribes through their literature and folklores. Yeah ! If you wanted to have any material, you are invited to click on the selected material or the title of your choice. You may share your choice and be the first to have a literature and folklore of Borneo.

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