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CogniFit Brain Fitness

Your brain controls everything you do. Having strong cognitive skills will help you enjoy a more successful life. Are you ready to discover yours?

screenshots program

CogniFit is a revolutionary technology that lets you explore your brain, assess your cognitive abilities and train the skills that are important to you. You will instantly know how fit your brain is and what can be done to boost it. Pretty cool? Right… and it’s free!

You simply start by taking a quick assessment that will show you where you stand. You can compare yourself to your family, your friends and the rest of the world and even decide what you want to specifically improve in your life!

Based on brain plasticity, CogniFit has been around for more than 10 years validating its program scientifically with leading universities and institutions. The patented Individualized Training System™ adjusts dynamically to provide you with an optimal experience.

Register for free and learn about your brain today!

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