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Malaysia Handicraft & Costume


 Nyo Shop wishes to share with you the beautiful handicrafts and costumes from Borneo to the outside world. Many of handicrafts from Borneo are very antique and unique which are rarely available nowadays. Only people who really have great desire and interest are still having and own these handicrafts and costumes.  As a person who loves all these, don’t miss to get yours and email us at


 Tapong means cultural and traditional cap or sometimes refers to as crown headdress. There are four type of tapong available in our stocks – Tapong Inoc, Tapong Sec and Tapong Mahkota, all are for lady. While Tapong Beluko, is the only cap for man. All type of tapongs are available in various models and sizes respectively. All type of tapongs have the same objective, purpose and usage. All are made of beads but varied in some materials such as bone, etc. – The picture made as letterhead above is called Tapong Mahkota.


 Belanyat is a traditional briefcase in cylinder shape. It’s available in all models and sizes – large, medium and small, etc. It’s made of beads or sometime rattans. The objective, purpose and usage of Belanyat are all the same – to put or keep your valuable things. Many Borneo natives or other people are proud upon owning this briefcase as they felt being unique having it along with them on their journey’s destination. Like Tapong, it’s also available in various models and sizes. – Left Pic – A Belanyat or Ajat


 Parang-Ilang means, the traditional sword of the Kenyah. It’s available in various models, sizes and patterns. Generally, it’s classified into two categories – Parang-Ilang Inoc and Parang-Ilang Buk. Parang-Ilang Inoc is fully decorated with colourful beads while Parang-Ilang Buk is beautifully decorated with traditional carved of Kenyah and accessorized with fur and carved bone, making it the most unique and classic. – Above Pic – A Parang-Ilang.


 This is a broad belt used by maiden at their waist/hip/buttock. It’s a traditional belt of the Kenyah, all made of beads. There are two type/categories of belt – Betaeng Kenya and Betaeng Aloc. Both are made of beads with various models, sizes and patterns. Betaeng is only for lady. – Left Pic –  Betaeng Kenya.


 Bening or babe carrier is inherited generation to generation since the early civilization of Kenyah. It’s a very useful device to transport their young one moving from one place to other destinations. Kenyah treasured this device very much, hence it’s beautifully built and made. Beads and many other valuable devices are used for its decoration and formation. It’s available in various models, sizes and patterns. It’s also available in the form of handicrafts and the size is much smaller and cute looking. – . Above right pic –  Bening.


 Ta’a means a set of maiden’s costume comprising both shirt costume and cloth strip costume. Shirt costume is called Ta’a Sapai while cloth strip costume is called Ta’a Keluma. Ta’a comes into two categories/types – Ta’a Inoc and Ta’a Belaep. Ta’a Inoc is charmingly decorated made from colourful beads, making it the most difficult and expensive to produce, while Ta’a Belaep is also beautifully decorated and made from tiny shining and twinkling devices, hence gave it name Belaep which means twinkling. Like other costumes, Ta’a is also available in various models, sizes and patterns. – Picture of Ta’a is at left side.


 Ulaeng or necklace is Kenyah’s traditional necklace costume. The necklace comes into many types, models, lengths and sizes. All are made of beads with different types, sizes and colour of beads. The necklace is available as Ulaeng Kelaem, Ulaeng Kenya and Ulaeng Sar. – . Above pic - Ulaeng


 Hong or Sa’ong is a broad cap/hat, customarily used by Kenyah on performing their works especially during farming season and other field works to protect them from weather’s uncertainties such as strong sunlight. Besides, it’s also being made as decoration in the guestroom of the longhouse and charmingly exhibited in the sitting room. Sa’ong is being made into many models, sizes and patterns. Beads are still popular device in producing beautiful Sa’ong until today. It’s both available as costume and handicraft. – . At left side is a Sa’ong picture.


 A tiny sitting pad used during olden day especially during head hunting era. It’s also used during work progressing such as farming and other field works. Tabin is specially made for man only. It’s beautifully made either from beads or rattans. Its main function nowadays is as dowry . It’s given to a young lady as dowry from a man as a symbol of bookmarked - who’s going to become wife-to-be. Besides, it is also used as guestroom decoration and exhibition. It’s available in various models, sizes and patterns. – At right is a Tabin  


 Selayah is a traditional shawl hundred percent made of charming colourful beads. It’s a large piece of weaved shawl which is being worn round the shoulders or wrapped round chest of young beautiful maiden. It is available in various models and sizes with choice of various patterns and decorations. This costume is merely for lady. – Picture at left side – A Selayah.

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