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10 year/s ago 25067Thumbnail of Stopwatch WebsiteVisit WebsiteTimeBroken link?

Free stopwatch online?

Stopwatch, online stopwatch for free to use on-line by all as a stopwatch online -- the free stopwatch

e-Stopwatch is an application that runs in your web browser and therefore doesn't require installation nor download!

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Free and on-line! said 9 year/s ago: Just perfect - it works on-line and for free!

Android stopwatch said 9 year/s ago: This stopwatch is great not only for iPhone/iPad, but also for Android phones and touchpads!

Perfect for iPad and iPhone! said 9 year/s ago: This stopwatch online is just perfect for iPhone and iPad - no download nor installation needed :)

Stopwatch photo/image said 9 year/s ago: Instead of the old stopwatch image, there could be a photo like - much more modern stopwatch photo!

No, it's "online" and "stopwatch" said 9 year/s ago: "Stop-watch on-line" is correct too, but IMO it's much better to write "online stopwatch".

Stop-watch on-line said 9 year/s ago: Shouldn't it be stop-watch and not "stopwatch"? And on-line instated of "online"? In my humble opinion, even stop watch and on line are more correct.

How to use stopwatch? said 9 year/s ago: Ability to pause with space (space key to break) is really great!

Nonflash said 9 year/s ago: The is great too, both it and are in my bookmarks now.

Luis Perez said 9 year/s ago: Another good free online stopwatch and timer that doesn't use flash is Don't let the name fool you it works great on the PC, just especially well on the iPad.

Pure JavaScript (JS) said 9 year/s ago: 100% JS, none flash in this online stopwatch online!

Stopwatch no download said 9 year/s ago: To use one doesn't have to download anything, so it's really fast to use!

No flash and online said 9 year/s ago: It is good it's free, but more importantly, this online stopwatch requires no flash! Excellent.

Free+online stopwatch said 9 year/s ago: This stopwatch if online&free, it also requires no download :)

Stopwatchonline said 9 year/s ago: Great stopwatchonline, free and really fast one!

Online stopwatch no flash said 9 year/s ago: Just perfect, lightweight stopwatch, thanks!

Freeware said 9 year/s ago: No download needed and it's freeware! Great!

Non flash stopwatch said 9 year/s ago: Not flash - exactly the kind of stopwatch I was looking for!

Free stopwatch said 9 year/s ago: Great stopwatch - no installation, download and with keyboard (space) support :)

w/o flash is faster! said 9 year/s ago: Stopwatch without flash is noticeably faster than a flash stopwatch!

No-flash = fast! said 9 year/s ago: This online stopwatch doesn't use flash so it's faster than other...

Best stopwatch online said 9 year/s ago: IMO this is the best online stopwatch. And it's free!

online stopwatch said 9 year/s ago: really good, free stopwatch - thank you!

Jurek said 10 year/s ago: A very fast and lightweight stopwatch.

it is online said 10 year/s ago: this stopwatch doesn't require any download!

i would try it said 10 year/s ago: i would try it but im not sure if its going 2 download

Mike said 10 year/s ago: good online stopwatch good online stopwatch

me.. said 10 year/s ago: nice online least 6 words

stopwatch said 10 year/s ago: i like this stopwatch, so far the best stopwatch online ive found

R33k said 10 year/s ago: I do need stopwatch online, quite often actually...

stopwatch online said 10 year/s ago: lol....who the hell needs a stopwatch online????

Caroline said 10 year/s ago: great, very easy to use stopwatch!

Ron said 10 year/s ago: Good stopwatch, does what is should.

r3m3 said 10 year/s ago: agreed, I'm glad it does not use flash...

Amy said 10 year/s ago: Simple and very nice online stopwatch :)

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