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Your Recipe Shop

Hidden Recipes From Borneo

Borneo keeps it hidden secrets too much for such a very long period.  It had been kept and kept...... Now, it's time we bring out these hidden secrets to you and expose them gradually one by one to the outside world. Amongst many of the screts, we would like to expose the secret of Borneo Rice Wine recipes. Borneo Rice Wine is popularly known as Tuak amongst the ethnic Iban and called Burak within the Orang Ulu ethnic. Tuak or Burak is sterlingly organic, clean and natural without contamination from chemical or additive substance. It's an exotic taste and traditional wine of native in Borneo which is purely processed from hill paddy rice, ginger, galanggal, etc. It's organic product because all the processes of producing the wine is original and natural from local raw materials and ingridients.

About Us

JEA Recipe Shop is located right in central Borneo in little town of Belaga, bordering East Kalimantan, Indonesia. We involve in preserving the traditional recipes of all dayak ethnics in Borneo. We also involve in keeping traditional handicrafts, cultures, music, costumes, etc of all dayak ethnics.

Our Products

Our products are mainly of native dayak ethnics backgrounds such as recipes, costumes, cultures, music, handicrafts, folklores, etc. One of the products sample is Borneo Rice Wine recipe, which is also popularly known as Tuak or Burak. Besides, other recipes are also available. Choose your favourite recipes and get them now.

Get Your Recipes Now

Now, you can make your own rice wine right at your own house. You do not need to come to Borneo and have a rice wine drink unless if you purposely wanted to visit Borneo. Prepares your wine and just follow step 1, step 2, step 3 and step 4 as shown in your recipes. Hygienic is very important in preparing Borneo Rice Wine. All containers or devices used must be clean and hygienic. Feel free to contact us.

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