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Is Lady GaGa a man?

Lady GaGa has a penis!

Is Lady Gaga really a man? Yes, Lady GaGa is a man and Lady Gaga has a penis (nakded?)!

Visit this website to see pictures of proof that she's a man! That's right - Lady GaGa is a man, "she" has a penis!

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  2. Visitors said 11 year/s ago: i would like to meet her

Lady Gaga's half-naked ASS said 12 year/s ago: Also see her ass: - almost naked, and no place for a penis...

Proof? said 12 year/s ago: Just take a look at - any more doubt? Is she a man?

Is Lady GaGa a shemale? said 12 year/s ago: Maybe she's just a shemale? What do you think? Any photos???

Woman said 12 year/s ago: Lady Gaga has a female body, so she's a woman, not man!

Does she has dick? said 12 year/s ago: The photo is confusing...

Man bulge said 12 year/s ago: Well, on some photos it sure looks like a man bulge of Lady Gaga...

@nude said 12 year/s ago: Not really so nude, lol...

Is Lady Gaga really a man? said 12 year/s ago: See for yourself: (real photo)

Male lady? said 12 year/s ago: Come on, Lady Gaga is not male...

gay man said 13 year/s ago: lol im gay and lady gaga is not

nichole said 13 year/s ago: lady gaga is a gay man!!!

Ally said 13 year/s ago: GaGa? he is a woman indeed :D

kim said 13 year/s ago: she is so a she... look at her amazing fucking body

not true said 13 year/s ago: its not true some ov the pics didnt show her face and the ones that did could have looked like it and someone took advantage or someone made it

Lady GaGa said 13 year/s ago: im not a man, im a woman really....................LOL

lady gaga is a tranny!!!! said 13 year/s ago: lady gaga is not a man nor woman, she is a tranny

Aaron said 13 year/s ago: haha I always knew lady gaga is a man!

guy said 13 year/s ago: funny site but I don't think it's true...

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