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Noel A. Bednaz - Cyber Stalking Victim

Noel A. Bednaz Is A Cyber Stalking Victim.

The purpose of this blog is to dispel all of the lies told by Dennis P. McCann. A young woman formerly known as Noel A. Bednaz, has repeatedly been stalked and harassed by Dennis P. McCann, a cyber stalker.

He has implied that she is the stalker many times throughout the past thirteen years but I will attest, this is an outright lie.

Dennis has hunted her down to every place she goes on the web, smeared her good name for sport, published her personal information, and lied to various people by labeling her as the stalker. Additionally, he has produced false testimony from others who made unfounded claims Noel harassed them.

His website about Noel serves mainly as a method of emotional torture and it is a platform for anybody who may have had personal issues with her. They saw what Dennis was doing and it appealed to them. Discovering a way of settling all the old scores they had with Noel was irresistible. This is when the lies started pouring in.

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