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Borneo Shopping Cyber

Borneo Folk Music And Dance

Welcome and hello to you all out there. If you're a person that loves folk music and cultural dances regardless of any background, we welcome you to enjoy these lament sounds of hidden ancient music from Borneo. As 1Malaysia concept is popularly gains it ground amongst Malaysian, we're proud to share these folk music and dances of Sarawak, particularly the Kenyah folk music and Dances which had been synonym and popularly become identity of ethnic Malaysians leaving in Sarawak – visit for detail information.

Your Health Care

We have broad experiences in many health care products. We realized that health is everything in achieving all our goals in life. To gain more money, you must have good health in order to perform better. Besides, we also bring to you selected health information leaflets/booklets which are very crucial for better understanding on health’s problem – visit for detail information.

Your Asian Recipes

Asian people are well known of their skills in recipes especially the Asian Recipes. As part of Asia, Borneo is contributing some of it experienced in many Asian Recipes which including the Borneo Rice Wine recipe. We bring to you recipes such as Lamb and Spinach Curry; Spicy Beef Puffs; Steamed Fish with ginger and chili; Nasi Goreng; Chicken Satays, etc – visit for detail information.

Borneo Folklores

Borneo has many folk stories that we want to share with you out there. The folklores are collected and recorded in many ethnic languages such as Kayan, Kenyah, Iban, Kelabit, Penan, Lun Bawang, etc. As our main objective is to share with you out there, we have translated these folk stories into Malay language to make everybody share the folk stories with us. The English version will be made available as soon as our translation complete – visit for detail information.

Your Handicrafts And Costume

Borneo is well known of it skills in producing quality handicrafts. Borneo’s handicraft is easily recognized by it pattern and curb style which is synonym to it multi-ethnic backgrounds. Because of these diversity, Borneo is very rich with it handicrafts and costume – visit for detail information.


Sharing ! Yes sharing is our delight to share with everybody out there. Come and share our recipes, healthcare products, handicrafts, folklores, folk music & dances and of course sometimes political issues.

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